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I Just Love This Colour!

“I just love this colour!” she enthused, and I agreed. The colour scheme for her logo and digital content was just like her; vibrant! In an online world it was perfect for her business, however if down the road she wanted to wander offline and to a printed format, these colours would saturate (dull) and leave her feeling much the same.

Before you invest too much time, energy, and enthusiasm in your business marketing, take a moment to understand how colour works in online versus print environments. Simply put, RGB or Red Green Blue, is best for online environments as it uses light to enhance display, while CYMK or Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Key [Black], ultimately removes all light as the colours meet and mix.

Comparing Purple, Yellow & Orange RBG and CYMK
Lightened RGB v Darkened CYMK

Sure, the colours are easily identifiable, but the vibrancy dulls particularly for purple and to a degree in orange, not only moving the colours from engaging to meh, but creating visual inconsistencies for your branding.

Should you decide to create your own marketing materials, such as logo, business card, flyers, merchandise, and packaging, through online applications such as Canva, understand by their very nature that they use RBG and not CMYK. If you do not have access to professional programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, you can check how your design will print by uploading your design to an online printing service such as Vistaprint or Officeworks.

If this sounds too time consuming or difficult, then definitely get in touch with us so you can focus on building your business, while we create your look.

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