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A line in the sand is a clear demarcation between here and there. For me one such line is 25 November 2022; the last day of my degree, a Bachelor of Digital Media through UniSA Online. A defined period allocated for creative engagement and growth. Time spent absorbing every opportunity on offer, whether that is learning a suite of Adobe programs, receiving constructive feedback and encouragement, or seeing my creative wings grow in confidence and stretch for more. In six months time, I will have crossed this line.

It feels almost surreal, and the enormity of the last four years weighs heavily on me. If not for this degree, I do not know how I would have coped when my eldest daughter stopped coming home. The why and wherefores of that circumstance are irrelevant, but by understanding we are both just pawns at the hands of another’s deep unhappiness, my mechanism for coping was to dive as deeply as I could into something positive and productive. By the look of her school reports, it seems my eldest Beautiful did the same.

The dive wasn’t just for me; it was also for my husband, my highly creative autistic [step] son and both my girls. The angst of family law issues was replaced with passion and determination, renewed focus, and the possibility of a bright future for us all. By seeing the situation as an opportunity for soul-growth moments for everyone, even if we didn’t understand why, all the work, tears, and triumphs, paves the way for a life supporting each other, championing successes, learning from our collective experiences, and laughing along the way.

Alex and Kyle have always been a great team! (Cronulla, May 2022)

I enjoy a life filled with deep reflection, some would call it ‘analysis’ (some have). It is not for the feint hearted. It is a life that must seek answers to curiosities, questions the status quo and often states, “Who says I [you] can’t?”. The fibres of 'me' are filled with the DNA of strong women and supportive fathers and husbands. We are passionate, determined, considered, and activists in our chosen interests. We are not for the feint hearted.

25 November 2019 was a sombre evening reflecting on my brother, Ben; it would have been his 47th birthday. Sitting with heels on my desk, leaning back sipping a wine my reflections segwayed to the future and what I could call my business. Ideas like bullet points began flicking around my mind. A name that worked with my husband’s business #EverythingIT would be ideal for mutual branding purposes, something that played on ‘design’, and if possible, something that subtly reflected my spiritual core. And then, just like that, Everything By Design came to mind.

What is Everything By Design? It is a suburban grassroots design practice that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, respects the past and paves a way for the future. It is fun, it is engaging, it is also serious and intentional. It is every shade of chakra and revels in every shade of grey. It embraces opportunity for growth and willingly jumps high and dives deeply. But most importantly, it is a lifestyle choice to live honestly, passionately and purposely while helping businesses, sporting clubs, charities, not for profits and individuals make their mark on the world.

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